I live with my family in Argentière in the Chamonix Valley, and work out of my studio as an artist, an illustrator and an art teacher. I studied Illustration at Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall where I developed traditional art skills, like drawing and painting and printmaking.
I now work in most media, from oils, watercolours,and printmaking into digital, and back again. My work looks at the environment, the people I meet, and what they do: snowsports, skiing and boarding, as well as rock climbing, and moutain biking. .
As a teacher I know that everyone has an inner artist in them, and that everyone can be taught to ‘see’ better. Often people are told that they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ at art, invariably early in their school life: this idea stays with them. Artists are perhaps just people who have somehow escaped this prejudice,and who have been able to nurture this very human talent anyway. I work with children, experienced artists (some who may still need some nurturing), and nervous beginners alike to bring out these innate artistic skills.

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